Llanharan Boxing Club


The club is open to all:

Men, Women and Children.

From the Age of 8 

 learn the art of boxing and get fit at the same time.

compete or just train to get fit.      We cater for everybody, join in a class or have a 

Private 1 on 1 or share the cost and have a small group session

 male and female coaches

why start tomorrow contact us today? 

Llanharan ABC aim's to give young men and women the fundamentals in life to succeed. Training to be a boxer teaches you the desire, discipline, respect, work ethic and determination to take you from the bottom to the top of your game. The same fundamentals can help you get from the bottom to the top of any job.

You know you have to respect people, you have to get on with people, you have to accept defeat and getting beaten by someone else. Boxing will show you that when you can't do something, or when someone else tells you that you can't do something, that if you put in the hard work, dedication and determination and everything you have got into it, you can achieve it.

The same is true in life and everything we do.

We are all trying to get to the top and not putting in the effort will lead to failure. Boxing makes you understand that if you do things properly you can succeed. Our coaches are here to toughen body and mind and teach you the fundamentals that will help you succeed in the ring and we are certain these can be carried across into school, work and everywhere.

it is a “Traditional Boxing Gym” with a great atmosphere

Get to the standard to compete and become a champion or just train in a boxing theme and get as fit as a boxer needs to be.

Boxing training is one of the best all over fitness workouts you can get!!!

Come along and give one of the classes that “suit you” a try!!!

Llanharan Boxing Club,

Rear of Llanharan Comunity



CF72 9RA

Drop in and pay us a visit.

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07848 494214